Baked Goods

Heidi's Bakery offers wide range baked goods, including, fresh every morning pastries, doughnuts, cookies, pies, muffins, scones and cream horns. There are also such goodies as connolies (both kinds), cake slices, cheese cake slices, eclairs, cream puffs, napoleans, and Petit-Fours.

Artisan Breads of various varieties are baked fresh daily along with the traditional white breads of the local area. These breads range from olive loaves to focaccia and include sour dough bread, wheat bread, rye bread, peasent breads, pumpkin bread and pumpernickel, just to name a few.

Heidi's serves the Jewish community with Challah bread and other specialties upon request. Challah is baked early Friday morning.

The changing needs of the community at large neccessitates the offering of GLUTEN-FREE, SUGAR-FREE and LACTOSE-FREE baked products. Heidi's Bakery Gladly bakes these items upon request with two (2) days notice. Heidi's uses only natural products in these items.

Fresh BreadsFRESH BREADS: White, French, and a variety of Artisan Breads. Baked fresh.   Call or stop by for a selection list.



Brownies & Cakes


Fresh Pastries


Eclairs & Puffs

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